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Last Modified: 06/30/2023

Partnering for Progress 2011, Index of Presentations

Below you will find copies of presentations used at the 2011 Partnering for Progress Meeting held October 26-28, 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The slideshows are intended for personal viewing only. Do not use or modify any slideshow without the expressed permission of the presenter.

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Wednesday, October 26

Title: EHDI Partnering for Progress, Opening Presentation [PDF]
File Size: 0.5 MB
Title: EHDI Partnering for Progress, Overview [PDF]
File Size: 11.3 MB
Title: EHDI Partnering for Progress, Welcome [PDF]
File Size: 0.1 MB
Title: EHDI Grant Writing and Grant Review [PDF]
File Size: 4.0 MB
Presenter(s): Jeff Hoffman, MS
Title: Plenary 1: Faces of Hearing Loss: Diversity of Parent Experiences
File Size:
Presenter(s): Stephanie Olson, B.A.

Thursday, October 27

Title: Plenary 2: Linking Family-Centered Principles with Practices and Outcomes [PDF]
File Size: 0.3 MB
Presenter(s): Don Bailey, Ph.D.
Title: Plenary 3: Comprehensive Assessment and Management of Congenital Hearing Loss: An Otologist’s Perspective [PDF]
File Size: 1.6 MB
Presenter(s): Craig Buchman, M.D.
Title: Ask the Doctor
File Size:
Presenter(s): Craig Buchman, M.D. and Susan Wiley, M.D.
Title: Screening and Referral; Avoiding Loss to Follow-up [PDF]
File Size: 23.2 MB
Presenter(s): Shawn Van Steen, M.S. and Kelly Baroch, Au.D.
Title: Changing Health Care Financing for EHDI Programs: The Essential Elements of Reimbursement [PDF]
File Size: 0.4 MB
Presenter(s): Robert Fifer, Ph.D.
File Size:
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  • 1.8 MB
Presenter(s): Gloria Jones, R.N., Andrew Stuart, Ph.D., and Kathleen Watts, M.A.
Title: Family Support: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning...
File Size:
Presenter(s): Patti Martin, Ph.D. and Mandy McClellan, B.A.
Title: Diagnostic ABR for Infants Referred from Newborn Screening
File Size:
Presenter(s): John Grose, Ph.D.
Title: Use of Video-Conferencing Technology in North Carolina: Mentoring/Coaching and Direct Service Delivery
File Size:
Presenter(s): Hannah Eskridge, M.S.P. and Holly Teagle, Au.D.
Title: Engaging Parents and Family Members in Early Intervention [PDF]
File Size: 1.0 MB
Presenter(s): Kathryn Wilson, M.A.
Title: Audiological Management of Unilateral Hearing Loss
File Size:
Presenter(s): Anne Marie Tharpe, Ph.D.
Title: EHDI Marketing & Does it Really Make a Difference? [PDF]
File Size: 21.2 MB
Presenter(s): Carrie Balian, B.A. and Rachel St. John, M.D.
Title: Technology for Families of Children who are D/HH [PDF]
File Size: 4.7 MB
Presenter(s): Ryan McCreery, Ph.D. and Martha Mundy, Au.D.
Title: Raising New Parents into Advocates in Part C [PDF]
File Size: 0.4 MB
Presenter(s): Sara Kennedy, B.S.
Title: Behavioral Assessment of Infants and Young Children
File Size:
Presenter(s): Diane Sabo, Ph.D.
Title: Plenary 4: Children Who are Hard of Hearing: A New Chapter [PDF]
File Size: 10.5 MB
Presenter(s): Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D.

Friday, October 28

Title: Plenary 5: When It’s More Than Hearing...
File Size:
Presenter(s): Susan Wiley, M.D.
Title: Using Social Media to Connect and Educate [PDF]
File Size: 7.8 MB
Presenter(s): Carianne Muse, M.P.H.
Title: Diagnosis and Management of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder [PDF]
File Size: 8.2 MB
Presenter(s): Patricia Roush, Au.D.
Title: Ethics and Professional Responsibility in EHDI Programs [PDF]
File Size: 0.3 MB
Presenter(s): Karen Ditty, Au.D.
Title: Making the Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Services a Smooth Process
File Size:
Presenter(s): Terri Burcham, B.S. and Diane Doak, B.S.
Title: Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting for Infants and Young Children
File Size:
Presenter(s): Ryan McCreery, Ph.D.
File Size:
  • 2.9 MB
  • 0.2 MB
Presenter(s): John Eichwald, M.A. and Karen Fowler, Dr.P.H.
Title: Role of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults in Supporting Families of Newly Identified Children
File Size:
Presenter(s): Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Ph.D.
Title: Use of Frequency Lowering Schemes in Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting
File Size:
Presenter(s): Lori Leibold, Ph.D. and Andrea Hillock-Dunn, Au.D., Ph.D.
Title: Enhancing Your Capacity to Connect with Latino/Hispanic Families as They Journey Through the EHDI System [PDF]
File Size: 0.9 MB
Presenter(s): Wendy Jones, M.A. and M.S.W.
Title: Fathers of Children with Hearing Loss: Fostering Greater Inclusion in Service Provision [PDF]
File Size: 3.4 MB
Presenter(s): Todd Houston, Ph.D.
Title: Illustrative Cases of Pediatric Amplification
File Size:
Presenter(s): Ryan McCreery, Ph.D.
Title: Gems of Wisdom for Program Improvement from EHDI Coordinators
File Size:
Presenter(s): Faye McCollister, Ed.D. and Pam Tempson, M.A.
Title: Express Yourself! Supporting Siblings of Children with Special Needs
File Size:
Presenter(s): Nancy Micca, M.S.Ed. and Rene Morrison, A.D.
Title: Setting Up for Success: Tips for Enhancing Your Child’s Auditory and Visual Access [PDF]
File Size: 3.8 MB
Presenter(s): Anne McNally, M.A. and Stephanie Sjobald, Au.D.
Title: Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss: A Study of Children with Mild to Severe Hearing Loss [PDF]
File Size: 2.7 MB
Presenter(s): Melody Harrison, Ph.D., Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D., and Patricia Roush, Au.D.
Title: Optimizing Hearing Services for NICU Babies Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration [PDF]
File Size: 47.8 MB
Presenter(s): Kelly Baroch, Au.D.
Title: Plenary 6: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Newborn Hearing Screen Program [PDF]
File Size: 0.3 MB
Presenter(s): Karl White, Ph.D.