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Last Modified: 03/07/2023

Newborn Hearing Screening Training Curriculum—Streaming Video

NHSTC DVD Cover: a row of smiling babies

Note: the newest version of the NHSTC is available on The new version is captioned and participants may earn a certificate of completion.

Our new Newborn Screening Training Curriculum (NHSTC) is available on DVD! This two-disc set includes the Curriculum disc that can be played on a television with a standard DVD player and on a computer with DVD player software. The DVD can be played in two modes - automatic or step-by-step playback. The Thumbnail Menus make it easy to access the different sections of the material directly. Also included is a Resources CD that contains useful handouts, test questions and answers, frequently asked questions, and other related materials.

You can review the different sections of the NHSTC curriculum by clicking on the streaming video links below.