State Stakeholder's Meetings

A goal of the annual EHDI Meeting is to help each state/territory improve their EHDI system. The presentations and posters provide attendees with ideas about effective practices and information related to each component of EHDI. To help people use this information more effectively to improve their EHDI system when they return home, time has been set aside for a State Stakeholders' Meeting. This meeting provides a structure and support for attendees at the conference who are from the same state/territory to improve their EHDI system.

During this meeting attendees from a given state/territory will meet as a group to:

  • Understand the priorities for their state/territory EHDI system.
  • Develop and implement a plan for how attendees from the state/territory can maximize the amount of information gathered at the 2012 EHDI Conference.
  • Develop a written EHDI Action Plan for their state/territory.

More information will be provided here about State Stakeholders' Meeting logistics as it becomes available.

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