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Antonia Brancia Maxon Award:
Betty R. Vohr

Poster Awards:
Outstanding Poster Award Communication Technique: Megan Matovich, "The Role of Sign Language in Educational Environments."

Outstanding Poster Award Cross-Cultural Focus: Lauren Wright, "The Effects of Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status on Early Intervention for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children."

Outstanding Poster Award Family-Centered Focus: Mollyshannon Neel, Jill Bargones, Erin Quinn, Patti Hobbs, Amy McCall "Supporting Families in Building Early Literacy Skills in Natural Environments"

Outstanding Poster Award Overall Impact: Steven Barnett, Carlene Mowl, Erika Sutter, Amanda O’Hearn, Vincent Samar, "Violence and Suicide Attempts: Results of a Survey of Adults Deaf since Birth or Early Childhood."

Outstanding Poster Award Relevance to Advancing Practice: Sondi Aponte, Valerie Odeh, Melissa Selbst, Brigitte Dufour, "Empowering Medical Home Providers to Navigate the 1-3-6 EHDI Goals for Well and NICU Babies."

Outstanding Poster Award Scientific Merit: Patricia Roush, Mallory Baker, "Auditory Brainstem Responses in Children with Auditory Neuropathy: the Presence of Distal Waves and the Correlation to Behavioral Thresholds."

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